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A new baby lamb on a cold Vermont morning

It was down to 10 below last night and just about as cold the night before. For reasons known only to the ewes they seem to prefer the really cold nights to have their lambs. Our latest lamb was up , cleaned off and nursing by the time I discovered him in our lower barn. I moved him and his mother up to our more enclosed upper barn , which also houses the chickens so the new family would

be out of the wind and have a heat lamp. Junior is doing well these are a few pics from this morning.


November days

Spent some time at Still Meadow farm, my wife’s family farm down in Williamstown, Vermont  this weekend.  A time of transition with the fall color gone and the brown of november predominate before the arrival of the winter snows. The sheep were enjoying the brussel sprouts and beets from the farm garden. The sugarhouse in the background has all the wood stored ready for sugar maple season in the early spring.

The sheep in front of the sugarhouse