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Into the sun

When I was growing up one of the first photo tips that was given to me, was to never photograph directly into the sun. I suspect this fomented a certain rebellion within my being. It impressed me to such a degree that I can still remember it all these years later. I also remember my kindergarten teacher telling me that my coloring technique was not correct. I had gone outside the lines and had not kept my coloring lines orderly. I really tried to toe the line, but when the spirit of coloring possessed me it was very hard to keep my colors separate, within the lines and orderly.

So perhaps it is these early reprimands and directions towards a more orderly drawing technique and the correct way to take pictures that helped create my personal

style. I find I am always photographing directly into the sun. To me that is where some of the more interesting light occur.


Image work for a cold day

It was in the low digits today inVermont. I went out and did the farm chores, but really did not want to linger. Far more fun to look thru images from the last year and find new pictures to work on. I am working on a gallery of road and covered bridge images for a potential client, but while looking thru old files kept finding images that I have never worked with. Always fun.

A quiet snowy morning in Northern Vermont

One of the things I like about this time of the year is looking thru the images I have taken over the last year and preparing them for uploading to my website: www.brickhousestudios.com. I take a lot of images during the year, over 18,000 exposures in 2011, so many images wait in my files till this time of the year when I can look at them. I photograph many of my pictures with a multiple exposure, the foreground, background or for panoramas side by side exposure. This allows me a great deal of latitude as far as exposure, color etc when working with images. So in the cold of winter I enjoy looking thru all the exposures from the last year and stitching together the images that I have taken in this manner.

November days

Spent some time at Still Meadow farm, my wife’s family farm down in Williamstown, Vermont  this weekend.  A time of transition with the fall color gone and the brown of november predominate before the arrival of the winter snows. The sheep were enjoying the brussel sprouts and beets from the farm garden. The sugarhouse in the background has all the wood stored ready for sugar maple season in the early spring.

The sheep in front of the sugarhouse