A light snow falling in early february

I find the deep winter months  a time of reflection. The dogs all sleep behind my chair with hopes of a walk through the ice encrusted woods. A substantial snowstorm to cover all the recent ice from yesterdays rain would be appreciated about now. It has been a warm winter, a real disappointment as far as snow is concerned. On the other side of a lack of snow is the thought that it will be an easier year for the deer after the deep, deep snows of last winter with a snow cover of 48″ in January thru march. But I do miss the snowshoeing and skiing that keep me in shape through the winter months.  So time to get back to work, or perhaps it is time to take the snoozing dogs out for their daily walk. I will put on my crampons for all the ice and perhaps soon it will be a time for snowshoeing and romping in a layer of freshly fallen snow.


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