Thoughts of 9/11 today.

9/11 memorial Tompkins Square Park, NYC

I lived in NYC for many years after graduating from college. I was in the city right after 2001. This is from one of the many memorials that were spontaneously erected around the city. The mood in NYC directly following the attack was something that was very rare, very authentic. Many memories are brought back by the news of Osama’s death.

And also the smell. I lived down on 3rd st , between Ave A and B in the 1980ties. The Lower East side was my neighborhood. I have a good friend from my college years with an apartment on 8th St on Tompkins Square that I stay at when visiting the city.

I have worked out of NYC for many years. My stock photography  editor lives and works in the city. For a number of years I photographed in the city, especially at night, during rainstorms. I will post some of my favorite images from the period. I spent the week after 9/11 in the city photographing the memorials and doing a lot of street images.


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