-30 in Vermont this morning

It was 22.8 below at our house this morning. Our house sits up on a hill so is warmer than our valley where our lower fields are. I drove down the hill to take my daughter to school this morning.The car gauge registered -24, -26, -27, -29, then over by Browns


The car temperature gauge

instrument panel temperature gauge


river on Naylor rd it hit -30 just for a moment. I do believe that is about as cold as I remember it.

So my ford explorer has 134075 miles, I am going north, and it is -30. Good promo for the Vt state tourist bureau, sure to bring the skiers flocking in. I took this pic around 7.30 this morning driving my daughter to school. Over 100 schools in Vermont are closed today, but thank goodness EMS is open.


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