The first haying day

June brings  haying time. I help out with the haying at my father-in-laws farm in Williamstown, Vermont. He cuts it , then depending on the dry weather works it up for bailing. We still hay using the square bales, which is easier to handle on a small farm for sheep. I help out and in return , besides a great workout get my hay supply for my flock up in Essex. I have 10 sheep so need a lot of hay to winter them over.


3 responses to “The first haying day

  1. Christy Morgan

    I’m glad someone still does the small bales. I love hay time. Hopefully the weather will stay dry.

    • The small bales work well with sheep farms, Also for horses. I grew up haying down south during the summer so it is nice to return. We are suppose to hay on Saturday in the heat.

  2. Pat Churchman

    The hay bale picture shows the incredible blue of Vermont skies. We have blue skies, sometimes, but I don’t think they ever attain the incredible blue of Vermonts.

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