The farm animals

The coyotes were active last night , howling on the ridge. We have set up a box with a heat light for the newly hatching turkey poults. The mother turkey is sitting on 15 eggs that were hatched by several mothers over a period of time so are not all going to hatch at the same time. So I am taking the little ones so she will continue to sit. One of the Tom turkeys got in a fight with a predators and got cut up , but looks like he will recover. Every evening I shut our flock of sheep and lambs up in a pen 6′ high so the coyotes can’t get to them. Our neighbor lost his whole flock to coyotes last year and over the winter. We had 4 bottle lambs this winter and spring. They are now eating grass in the lower field. It is suppose to snow this evening, hopefully will stay at a higher elevation.

bottle feeding the lambs


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